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Saturday, 19 July 2003
YAY! Just made this blog for my chappie and reviews (hint hint lol)...just post here:

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thanx!!! heres the chapter!

Back in the Great Hall, Hermione and Ron had just finished eating. Hermione was excitedly talking to Ginny next to her, so that Ron couldn't talk to her. Ron had his elbows on the table with his head in his hands and stared at Hermione. `When is she gonna stop talking to Ginny?' he thought, `Its my first chance to talk to her.' Hermione and Ginny giggled at something. `Uggg, the first chance I get I'm definitely asking her to the dance,' he decided. Fred and George came up behind him.

"Boo!" yelled George in his ear. Ron jumped, startled out of his thoughts.
"Hey, still makin' googley eyes over here?" Fred crouched down on his knees next to him.
"Just what are you talking about?" said Ron exasperatedly, turning to face him.
"Oh, come off of it. . .we know," replied George mysteriously.
"Yeah, we're not stupid. Besides, we have our ways," Fred smirked and had a sneaky look in his eyes.
"What have you been doing?" asked Ron, taken aback.
"Nothing!" George smiled, then quickly changed the subject, "So, are you gonna ask her?"
Ron blushed, "I dunno, I guess. If I had to go with someone it might as well be Hermione. I don't think she's going with anyone yet and I know her better than any other girl in the school," he replied trying to act nonchalant.

His brothers' eyes bulged, a smile rapidly growing across their faces. They exchanged glances and burst out laughing.
"Merlin! You're kidding me!" shouted Fred, gasping for air.
"No way! I can't believe it! Hermione??" George paused to laugh some more, then turned to Fred, "It worked! It was too easy. . .This is great!"

Ron stared at them, "W-what?? What are you talking about? You said you knew!"
He turned around in Hermione's direction. She was watching him and his brothers intently. He whipped around panicky. "She heard you say her name! What am I going to do??"
"Sorry bro, you're on your own here," whispered Fred, getting up and trying to control his laughter.
"Yeah, guess you gotta learn from you're mistakes!" George patted him on the back and the two walked toward the door of the Great Hall. As they opened the door and walked out, they broke out into shameless laughter again.

Ron's face now the color of a tomato, partly from embarrassment, partly from fury, slowly turned around to face Hermione. Ginny, Hermione, and a few others around him (probably starving for new gossip) were looking at him.

"Uh, hi. . ." said Ron meekly.

Just then, the Great Hall doors burst open and Professor McGonagall ran up to them.

"Harry is in the Infirmary and he doesn't look well. Ron, Hermione, please come with me. Ginny too if you like."
Ginny looked hurt, "Of course!" And they all walked out.

~ * ^ * ~ ^ ~ * ^ * ~ ^ ~ * ^ * ~ ^ ~ * ^ * ~

When they all arrived at the Infirmary, Hermione ran up to Harry's bedside. The rest followed.

"He looks terrible!" Hermione said. Harry was still shaking and occasionally mumbled something, but his eyes were now closed.
"What happened? Didn't he have a meeting with you and Professor Dumbledore?" she asked Professor McGonagall.
"Yes he did. We were sitting in Professor Dumbledore's office and I was explaining something to him, but he started shaking and fell from his chair onto the floor."
"Is he going to be okay?" she looked down at Harry worriedly.
"He should be in a few days. Well, at least a week. Talking to him might help, though it seems he's unconscious. Don't worry, he'll be fine. I have to go back to the Great Hall now, but I'll see how he's doing later." They watched her walk out the door in silence.

"What do we say?" asked Ginny.
"Ummm. . .I know," replied Hermione as she turned to face Harry.
"Harry, this is Hermione," she searched his face for any sign, but nothing. She continued, "Ron and Ginny are here too. Everything is going to be fine, but we're still worried about you," she smiled and looked to Ron and Ginny for help.

"Hey bud," said Ron. "How ya doin? Fred and George made a real scene at dinner tonight. . .too bad you missed out," he looked at Hermione, but she wasn't looking at him. He figured she must not have heard him.

"Maybe we should get back, let Harry. . .rest," said Ginny uncomfortably.
"Sure, okay," replied Ron.
"Ummm. . .I guess he'll be fine," agreed Hermione reluctantly. Ron and Ginny walked out.

(outside the door) "Wow, that was scary. I felt really uncomfortable in there," Ginny told Ron.
"I dunno. I guess it felt weird talking to someone I knew wouldn't talk back. . .like there was nothing wrong."

(inside the Infirmary) Hermione was still sitting on Harry's bedside.
"Get better okay Harry? We all love you." She lowered herself over him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"YEAH!" she yelled back, took one last glance at Harry, and walked out the door.

~ * ^ * ~ ^ ~ * ^ * ~ ^ ~ * ^ * ~ ^ ~ * ^ * ~

A/N: Hehe, how'd you like it? My fav part was with Fred &, well, I'm going to Salamanca for a few hours, but hope ta ttyl when I'm back! Review!...NOW! sry, but who doesn't luv reviews?!

Posted by evvers8188 at 12:13 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 19 July 2003 12:40 PM EDT

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